Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The great Neo Con job (The mad Monks Tea Party)

It’s definitely a war of economics not military might that shapes the globe at the moment....America is proposing to elect that greedy dumb halfwit Romney (see a pattern here) refusing to reform its banking system by regulation. How is self-regulation working out for America?.... Lunatics running the asylum comes to mind. Wall Street controls America and it is not in good hands. Considering the corruption, criminality and inside deals that see unchecked capitalism a micron either side of the law and a galaxy away from morality, you may ask why am I so concerned with American domestic politics?  America’s lack of accountability and financial incompetence affects the rest of the world immeasurably, especially Australia.  The Tea party hoax is no more than a smoke screen for these lobbyists to Neo con ordinary Americans with blind nationalism as they rob America blind. Neo conservatism and its marketing arm "The Tea Party" has become a cancerous scourge that infects the globe. The template for neo-conservatives to indoctrinate the stupid with lies for political advantage, far removed from the original intent of its historical roots. Apparently the greedy people within America would have you believe that regulation of the banking system, credit default derivatives or affordable centralised healthcare is socialism, using demonic terms like "communism" spruiked by the Ivy League financial graduation club and its lobbyists in the politics of fear. Apparently these corporate cowboys would have you believe they have right to rape pillage and sodomise working Americans and their pensions, whilst calling anybody that disagrees with this criminality Left, Pink and anti-investment. Seriously what total bollocks, never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn is an Australian saying that epitomises their spin version of a  fact-less world perpetuated by lazy journalists, opinionated commentators and agenda based neocons (Cons being the operative term). Americans are not aware of the state of their own economy and what/who got them in this position in the first place. A compelling documentary is  "Inside Job". China is the single largest holder of US treasury bonds ($1.170 trillion). China owns the USA, they can stop, cripple and destroy America's economy in a heartbeat. These same privileged inside traders have a common predictable strategy of defence when asked to explain their actions. Get all nationalistic, waving the flag, whipping up the blind rhetorical porkie pies whilst they sell your country from beneath you and claim it’s the unions, liberals, socialists and anyone else but them.  Unfortunately we cannot protect our borders from this blight on humanity which is the politics of greed, ignorance wrapped in false nationalism sprinkled with religious morality for good measure. At the moment Tony Abbott is over in America amongst the “like minded” Neocons. I am an Australian with a long memory.  A politician is measured by his legacy, centralised healthcare (demonised by drug company lobbyists as socialism) is a product of the Whitlam government. Let me say when he remembers one of the greatest prime ministers in Australian history as the worst, I feel his demonization of our current Prime Minster holds to his judgment and credibility. Tony is a fake, he has nothing no plan and nothing but slogans. His biggest supporters are a bunch of unchecked capitalists who would have you believe that we owe them. Like America, this is the great Neo-CON.

Conspiracy theory? No, click here. This is fact and beyond the news cycle of inconvenient truth

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