Monday, February 27, 2012

The dust settles and the fakes revealed

The dust settles and the fakes revealed.

Julia Gillard has won the support of the caucus with a resounding margin making Kevin look quite delusional. This may spell be the end of Rudd’s extraordinary political career.  He is in fact a fake. A phoney....I want my money back.

As Labor regroups licking its wounds, its time for the party to take a good hard look at itself. Over the past decade Labor has become increasingly at odds with its traditional heartland. Labor struggles with a schizophrenic left identity of progressive social equality and the new ultra right of liberal light. Despite trampling the left faction into whimpering submission with the gusto usually reserved for Tony Abbott they choose to display the left side when the photo op calls for compassion. 

The great challenge is to stay engaging enough to sell the relevance of great policies in a country in great shape under Labor stewardship. This is the core of the challenge for the next 18 months; fix the atrocious communication problem that dilutes labors incredible achievements.

Prime minister Gillard is an incredibly capable political negotiator, but she has an image problem, cant sell a pitch and is an average communicator at best.  My hope is that this will change as she is a;;owed to rise above the childish “illegitimate” rhetoric of the opposition.  Labor has a mixture of bad media advice from old hands living in the old world and total inexperience. Cleans sweep the media advisors, restructure and sell the pitch.

 The most hopeful fallout from the whole sad affair has been the resignation of Mark Arbib from parliament. Mark Arbib is the poster boy for all that is wrong with the Labor machine. Arbib is the right factional leader from NSW with a wake of political destruction and caucus carcasses behind him. It remains to be seen if Arbib’s influence in the party will be diluted or strengthened as a result of the leadership ballot.  Did he jump or was he pushed? seriously who cares...The time to reform the party, especially in branch stacking and pre-selections is long overdue. This very factor has alienated “the true believers” within local Labor branches and had party faithful leaving branch’s disillusioned in droves. There is a serous operational disconnect between caucus and the branches. Head office, more over the administrative committee have way too much say and try to control local branch contest where they may not like the outcome. A study on the real political power of union officials voting against the will of their members as a block within caucus against the vote of the ordinary hard working branches to secure faction power.

Prime Minister Gillard has called for unity and I feel this shockwave has rattled Labor to its core with one overriding scary prospect. Tony Abbot as PM?.....
Yes Scary thought isn’t it …. Yeah Tony Abbott...get it in your head, this is a zombie  apocalypse...
consequently here is me in my underpants mad as hell......

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